Hoodies on the floor, over the door, hanging out of the drawer or strewn across the bed or chair.

Sound familiar?

My name is PJ, my son Seth must own 8 or more sports hoodies. One morning while trying to open his closet door, I looked at the hoodies on both closet door knobs and on the floor. I said to Seth “You need a hoodie hook! We need organization in this unorganized room.” At that exact moment, I heard GOD whisper, “why don’t you make one?”

And so I did with the help of my son who drew our first sketch. We created a hook to hang on the wall or over a door. We designed the hooks to curve like the hood to eliminate indentation left by conventional hooks.

A month into my decision to step out on faith, I drove to meet my closest and dearest friend CJ for breakfast. I heard another whisper, this one a little louder, “tell CJ about Hoodie Hook”

After we ate, I told CJ I had something to share. Something GOD led me to do. I showed her the drawings and before I knew it, I offered her the option of investor or partner. CJ could see the blessing and without hesitation, she chose to be my partner! GOD knows what he’s doing! He knew that in order for Hoodie Hook to be successful, I would need her and at that moment, I knew it too!

We launched Hoodie Hook as a basketball, it is my son’s sport and it was born because of him. We plan to expand into different sports, colors and themes for boys, girls, babies and adults!

Hoodie Hook is not just a hook.  Hoodie Hook is an opportunity to be a witness to what faithfulness will do!


It’s not just a hook, it’s a Hoodie Hook!


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